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Kathryn Graham

SuperStar Consultant

A good friend of mine ran across a Scentsy booth at her child's school at a craft fair.  She bought a plug-in warmer and a scent bar.  After she went home and found out how great the product was she decided to research selling it on the internet.  She gave me a warmer for Christmas last year and I loved it.  I did a basket party for her and had 500.00 in sales in just 10 days.  When I received all my hostess rewards from the party and used all the products I decided to sign up myself.  Scentsy has been such a wonderful business opportunity for me.  The parties are so much fun and everyone loves Scentsy!!  Selling Scentsy has been such a blessing in my life!!The first paragraph was written back at the beginning of my journey.  Now I am celebrating my two year anniversary with Scentsy.  I have gotten promoted to Director and have a wonderful team!!  Scentsy has blessed my life so much more than I could have ever imagined.   If you are looking for something rewarding that you can work your own hours and have the potential to make more than 1000.00 a month within your first year, you should consider becoming a Scentsy consultant.   I would love to help you become successful!! 

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